Midnight confessions of a secret rockstar ★

Midnight confessions of a secret rockstar, well not so secret anymore  o b v i o u s l y. :D :)

I've been wantin' to do this for a while now. I've been waiting for this moment for so long. I wanted to show you my passion, what's drivin' me, what makes me loose myself and then find myself again. But I never knew what it really was. I still don't know what's driving me but it's still there and it's still driving me. So I'm going where it takes me."

I've been writing songs for over 9 years now. I've been telling stories about life, feelings, inspirations and wonders. And I've been finding more of myself with each song, I've been becoming more open, more me, happier and truer. But I rarely even told that to anyone. I rarely sang my songs to them. But the point was always sharing, it was always expressing yourself and sharing those songs everyone feeling or thinking the same, or very different. So I think it's about time I did it right, not only because I enjoy it and want to do it, but to do it right. So now you know my secret. Nice to meet you, me.

A wise man once said "I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring." - David Bowie.

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guitar music lyrics song songs songwriting songwriter acoustic sheet notes
rock n roll rockstar metal leather lace badass alternative ootd flatlay flatlays outfit outfits fashion style girl

P.S. Today 10.01.18. marks two years without this amazing artist and a great inspiration of mine. RIP Bowie, thank you for everything.

david bowie quote quotes boring lyrics song songs songwriting songwriter printed word words

Thank you for taking part in my story by reading this. See you along my journey further. Keep rockin'! :)

- Nicole


july favorites accessories accessory makeup brushes beauty choker perfume flatlay flatlays

So now that July is over, it's time for taking a look at my fave things from last month. The weather was great and I got to spend lots of time strolling around town and shopping.

#1 Aaaand I finally found and bought a wrap choker and I have been in love with it eversince. I've seriously been looking for one in the past few months and I was very happy to find this cutie. It has two star pendants that are both classy and kinda playful so it actually fits my style very very well. So expect to see it a lot in my outfit Insta posts haha.

july favorites accessories accessory makeup brushes beauty choker perfume flatlay flatlays

#2 The next fave of mine is my brand new set of makeup brushes! I just love them already and I've only had them for like two weeks. I found them absolutely accidentaly but they are really soft and high quality. My makeup surely looks like ten times better now. Happy! :D

july favorites accessories accessory makeup brushes beauty choker perfume flatlay flatlays

#3 Another July favorite of mine surely is my new fragrance. It's a present from my mom and it's a Pur Blanca perfume by AVON. I have loved this scent for so long guys, I had one a couple of years ago, then got another one and soon it was my to-go perfume. It lasts really long and it's a floral fragrance great for summer.

#4 I also included here my new elastic telephone wire hand/hair band. I honestly don't know how exactly to call it so I used all the words I came up with. :D It's comfy, cute and easily goes as a bracelet. And if you suddenly decide that you want to put your hair up? Voila! you also have a hair tie.

july favorites accessories accessory makeup brushes beauty choker perfume flatlay flatlays

#5 And last but not least, another one of my July favorites is a present form my bff. It's Treacle moon's Marshmallow Heaven hand cream. No need to say it smells like marshmallows :D. I haven't tried any other products from Treacle moon yet but I definitely will be in the future because they all just smell so so good. And I'll keep you updated of course.

Now it's your turn. Do you like these? And how about your July favorites? Can't wait to read about it in the comments below. :)


- Nicole




Hello rockerzzz! The two things I love most are music and fashion so I am proud to announce that we are talking Coachella today! Yay! So Coachella 2017 (just like every year) proved to be a great festival of art, music of course. Although I didn't attend the festival this year I made sure to stay tuned for all the cool performances, videos, Instagram stories :D and photos. So many great people together celebrating artistry, smiling and enjoying themselves is a really great thing. And because I love Coachella so much I came up with some cute Coachella inspired festival outfits that I'd love to share with you.

You can find all these outfits on my LOOKBOOK page too. :) So stop by, give them a hype and fan my page for more cute outfits.

Hope you like this article and if you do please like the post and comment. I can't wait to hear about your Coachella outfits, experiences and anything you want to talk about. <3

Dark Grey Denim Shorts: H&amp;M    Floral Kimono &amp; Crushed Velvet Bodysuit : Tally Weijl    Crossbody Bag: Michael Kors    Choker: Amazon

Dark Grey Denim Shorts: H&M

Floral Kimono & Crushed Velvet Bodysuit : Tally Weijl

Crossbody Bag: Michael Kors

Choker: Amazon

Leather Shorts: H&amp;M  Satin To, Ripped Denim Shorts &amp; Crystal Necklace: H&amp;M  Chain Necklace: Terranova  Wire Choker: Dolls Kill  Hoop Earrings: Nordstrom

Leather Shorts: H&M

Satin To, Ripped Denim Shorts & Crystal Necklace: H&M

Chain Necklace: Terranova

Wire Choker: Dolls Kill

Hoop Earrings: Nordstrom

White Lace Crop Top: Terranova     Leather Shorts: H&amp;M    Crossbody Bag: Michael Kors    Bikini Top: Asos    Necklace Set &amp; Chain Necklace: H&amp;M    Lace Crystal Choker: Amazon Fashion

White Lace Crop Top: Terranova

Leather Shorts: H&M

Crossbody Bag: Michael Kors

Bikini Top: Asos

Necklace Set & Chain Necklace: H&M

Lace Crystal Choker: Amazon Fashion

Leather Shorts: H&amp;M    Black Lace Top: Tidebuy    Hoop Earrings: Nordstrom    Wire Choker: Dolls Kill     Perfume: Versace

Leather Shorts: H&M

Black Lace Top: Tidebuy

Hoop Earrings: Nordstrom

Wire Choker: Dolls Kill

Perfume: Versace

Crop Top &amp; Sunglasses : H&amp;M    Black Skirt: I have no idea :D     Perfume: Versace     Wire Choker: Dolls Kill

Crop Top & Sunglasses : H&M

Black Skirt: I have no idea :D

Perfume: Versace

Wire Choker: Dolls Kill

– Nicole


I saw the movie last week and I really couldn't wait to share my thoughts with you. I've loved the animated movie ever since I was 4 and it was a big deal for me when the news spread that an action movie was in the works. So now that it's playing in movie theatres I was one of the first to see it and I was very very excited. Armed with my fave nacho cheese and great expectations I was ready to watch the movie. And I made sure to document my journey for the blog haha. I also added the trailer in this post in case you haven't seen it or if you just enjoy watching it over and over again (like me) :)



First of all, I loved the movie. The effects, the cinematography and how almost all of the scenes looked exactly the way they did in the 1991 version. Ah-mazing!

Second thing,  the ball room was everything one could ever dream of and even more haha. <3

Third thing, I gotta say I miss the animated beast's teeth because they were part of his signature look. They looked a little bit different in the live action movie but anyway. It was a great movie and I'd watch it a thousand times again just as I did with the animated one when I was a kid.

Did you see the movie? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so make sure to share them in the comments below. :)



- Nicole



Printed Photos: Pinterest    Cosmetic Bag: Tally Weijl    Headphones: Apple

Printed Photos: Pinterest

Cosmetic Bag: Tally Weijl

Headphones: Apple

Notebook: Moleskine    Sunglasses, Rings, Eyeshadows: H&amp;M    Cosmetic bag: Tally Weijl    Nail Polishes: Golden Rose Cosmetics USA    Lipsticks: Essense Cosmetics USA

Notebook: Moleskine

Sunglasses, Rings, Eyeshadows: H&M

Cosmetic bag: Tally Weijl

Nail Polishes: Golden Rose Cosmetics USA

Lipsticks: Essense Cosmetics USA

Mood boards! Yes, one of my favorite things and something I promised to write a post about. I love mood boards, I create ones pretty often, I always have a monthly one and I love to share them on social media because they are just so cool!

My favorite place for inspiration is ...(drumroll) the Internet! :D, especially Pinterest. It's a very organized and high quality content website and it's really easy to get lost there scrolling through beautiful pictures board after board.

I basically create 3 types of mood boards.

#1 Monthly mood boards: According to the season, upcoming holidays, my mood or what projects I'm currently working on, I choose up to 10 photos that I feel represent the vibe of the month. They mights be photographs, works of art, abstract drawings ot patterns etc. I often also include some fave quotes and song lyrics, album covers and movie/video screencaps.

#2 Themed mood boards: These are actually my fave because I'm one of those people who have lots of hobbies and interest in various areas so I often feel inspired by random different things. That's why I choose a simple theme for my mood board: a color, aesthetic, art or music genre , some fave brands, artist or time period etc. This allows me to combine really different images and make the mood board interesting. And right after I've chosen my theme I go searching for the most expressive images that represent it and I think would look good next to each other.

#3 'Current mood' mood boards: A lovely idea that I'm happy I came up with I think a few years ago. You know how sometimes a new trend comes along and everybody loves it for a few months? Or sometimes you are in a period of loving a definite singer or band and listening to their music on repeat? This is a great chance for creating a 'current mood' mood board including all those things that are exclusive inspiring and exciting for you right now.

How it's done: a.k.a. The practical DIY part

I think it's best to have the photos printed because what our brains love the most and find the most impressive is 'touchable' images. You can just print them and cut each one out so that you can organize them on a wall near your desk/work space. You could also hook them on a string/strings and turn them into decor pieces. Or you can create a photo collage to print and frame. There are many useful apps, programs and websites for that - plus even Word can do the job for you if you're not into working with new software. Cool thing is you can also use this photo collage as a wallpaper for your phone, tablet or computer. Thus you'll be able to bring inspiration everywhere.


– Nicole


Who doesn’t love a new lipstick?…or 2 or 5 that you don’t really need and already have in similar shades but you adore them so you get them anyway. Yeah but when you’re getting ready in the morning it always feels like “Daaamn which one do I wear today? This one doesn’t match my outfit, and my lips are to chapped for the cute matte one…Ughh!!” Right? Well, I found a way to solve this problem. Turns out that all it takes is just four essensial lipsticks. Of cource you can buy many more but these four will save you whenever you’re in a hurry or busy and will asure you always make the right choice for your lips.

I decided to give you a handy guide to how to pick these four basic lipsticks you need for beauty survival and what ocassions they are suitable for.

P.S. My faves are from Essence but I bet every brand has good alternatives. Also it turns out that some of the shades I have are out of stock right now so I can’t link them, sorry.


#1 Your lips’ best friend.

What is it? A good ol’ nude shade of a moisturising lipstick. Pick a color close to the natural color of your lips and make sure it’s not a matte lipstick because you need it to be nourishing and softening your lips. You can carry it in any bag so it’s at hand 24/7 and the best thing is that you can apply it even without a mirror.

When to wear it? It’s suitable for any ocassion honestly. It’s winter and your lips need moisturising? Great! It’s too hot and a darker color would smudge? Great! It is a good choice when you’re on the go or when you just don’t want to everdo your makeup. It also looks great paired with a smokey eye because it balances the heavy eye makeup.

#2 The Matte Queen one.

What is it? Classic Insta loved trend. I know. I know. No matter if you choose a liquid or traditional lipstick, it's gonna make any look selfie-worhty. It's best to choose a brown or brownish color, 3 or 4 shades darker than your natural lip color so that it really makes your lips pop.

When to wear it? Best for selfies! as I already said and also for going out because let's be honest it gaves that classy cool chick vibe to any outfit. For best results combine with a cat eye.

#3 The Liquid One.

What is it? Glossy and lovely and it smells like your favorite fruit. You can get creative and choose from a variety of lip glosses and moisturising liquid lipsticks. Glitter or no glitter. Colored or clear. Whatever you want! The only rule here is - choose one that makes you feel good and kissable.

When to wear it? ANY FUCKIN' TIME YOU WANT! :) (I bet it's not obvious that I just love lip glosses too much. :D )

#4 The wild color. 

What is it?  Every girl's got one favorite bold bright lipstick color. For Taylor Swift it's red, for Emma Watson it's raspberry. Just choose your fave and you're set. There are some tips and tricks that could help you find the best shades according to your skin color, hair color, eye color etc. I might write an article about this in the future so if you're interested in one let me know in comments below.

When to wear it? Just whenever you feel wild and want to try out something colorful, you feel your outfit is too plain and want to add a splash of color or something like that. Personally, when I wear a bold color I love to match it with my nail polish or some accessory.

That’s it, you’re ready to rock the world now! 💋


- Nicole



You loved the Victoria's Secret show this year? Oh, yes you did. And you'd basically sell your soul to get that bra you fell in love with? Don't be ashamed, we are all weak, we are only humans (just like Annie once said in Parent Trap). The show is such big news each year and let's be honest the Fantasy bra is always soooooo beautiful. There are always some looks I totally love and also some looks I'm not really feeling. But I just seem to love one exact thing the most - the black wings. If there is a look rockin' the black wing thing well then it's definitely my fave. They are just so cool and badass. Maleficent vibes, oh yeah!However, this year one of my fave looks happened to be a white fairy one. It's just so delicate I definitely had to include it here too. Въпреки това тази година сред любимите ми се промъкна и една изцяло бяла визия, но е толкова нежна и приказна, че не се сдържах и искам да ви покажа и нея.

So here are my fave looks from this year's show, you can check them out below. How about you? I'd love to know what your fave looks from the 2016 VS show are? Let me know in the comments below. :)

– Nicole