Webit festival 2019

First, the basics: Webit festival is an internationally recognized and significant business event gathering professionals from all around the world to discuss on the topic of latest trends and technologies. The event gives all attendies a chance to dive into a dynamic program full of amazing presentations, workshops and all kinds of topical and networking events. Start ups and entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their business to future possible partners and what is even better: to pitch in front of world leading investors and compete for a great prize.

Webit is a great chance to keep up with the latest in digital knowledge and technology advancement as well as to see live speeches from some of the most famous speakers and business professionals in the world. 

And this year for the first time - I had a chance to attend the festival. My experience was more than amazing, I learned a lot and saw some amazing professionals sharing their vast experience, people like Sabine Everaet, Jesus Mantas, Paul Misener, Paul Willmott, Dirk Hoke and many more. I saw a flying man, electricity produced by plants, an AI robot and a lot more. Now, that's why I love being in the digital and innovation business. 

See some photos I took during the event:

The grant oppening was Instagrammed, Facebooked and Live streamed from almost everyone in the audience.

Here you can see photos taken during some of the presentations in Hall 1 during the two-day event.

And here are some shots from some presentations part of the Digital Entertainment and Media summit where great professionals gave advise on how to set and execute digital strategy that will achieve your goals. We even saw the actor Vladimir Karamazov who told us about his entrance in the digital marketing world.

The winner of the great prize this year is WeFarm, a really impressive and creatively invented digital network for farmers that helps real problems to be solved to secure better work process for farmers around the world. The company is Bulgarian and this makes the victory even more amazing!


I also want to share with you some useful information so I would like to give you simple but very crucial tips & tricks that would be helpful if you decide to visit the festival in the future - Webit Tips & Tricks


Print it, screenshot it, if you have to - draw it on a napkin, but be informed on The different venues. The program for all venues is very tightly organized and has almost no breaks in between so all the presentations happen simultaneously. This means that in order to attend all events you want you will surely have to do some running around the venues and so you have to prepared and to know where you’re heading to.


Preparation - also in the course of this - it's highly recommended that you review the agenda, get some more information on the startups exhibited as well as the presenterors in advance. You will have to decide what presentations you want to attend so that you can organise your whole schedule.


With this busy agenda if you are a FOMO person you will barely have any time to meet people and talk with them. And this is bad! One of the greatest things about the event are all the amazing atendees so please make sure you take the time to network and check up on some acquaintances you might meet. For example I met a few people I know during presentations and we didn't have the time to talk, lost each other in the crouds or whatever so now we're discussing on when to go grab a coffee to catch up because we know we have all started working on many projects and there must be a lot to tell each other. 

Thank you for reading! Next year Webit will be hosted in Valencia, Spain and I hope to see you there!

- Nicole

Instagram is taking a step towards e-commerce with brand new “Check-out” update

The platform just launched a new update that enables users to shop directly from their feed. While up until now shopping on Instagram could only happen through redirecting customers form a brand’s account to a website, now a purchase is literally just one click away for each potential customer.

After fine-tuning its targeting to a very high extend, Instagram has set for itself a new ambitious goal – to make an big step towards facilitating shopping. The new update makes it possible for users to buy products within seconds and it is entirely cohesive with the branded content strategy and product placement features’ implementation with previous updates. The update is also fully aligned with the announcement of the platform owner company, Facebook, that its future efforts will shall indeed include and be based on development on the areas of ecommerce and payments.   

Reportedly, the app has detected that about 130 million users on a monthly basis click on product tags on posts thus identifying great sale potential. 

The payment process from the new check-out update will be possible through a Paypal partnership and users will be processing their data through a very simple form directly from a post. The product to be bought shall be tagged and also available for purchase. All you are required to fill in is an email for processing the order and a payment method. More than 20 different brands, many of which – fashion retailers, are included in the feature update and their products will be available for purchase. For providing the medium for the sale process, Instagram will charge these retailers a fee to turn a profit.

It’s really curious to wait and see what results and customer feedback generated for this update will be. Thank you for reading, expect more Insta news.

But now, go Insta shopping and then come back here to share details and opinion on the experience with me in the comments below!

Source: The Verge, Ink, CNN

- Nicole