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Instagram is taking a step towards e-commerce with brand new “Check-out” update

The platform just launched a new update that enables users to shop directly from their feed. While up until now shopping on Instagram could only happen through redirecting customers form a brand’s account to a website, now a purchase is literally just one click away for each potential customer.

After fine-tuning its targeting to a very high extend, Instagram has set for itself a new ambitious goal – to make an big step towards facilitating shopping. The new update makes it possible for users to buy products within seconds and it is entirely cohesive with the branded content strategy and product placement features’ implementation with previous updates. The update is also fully aligned with the announcement of the platform owner company, Facebook, that its future efforts will shall indeed include and be based on development on the areas of ecommerce and payments.   

Reportedly, the app has detected that about 130 million users on a monthly basis click on product tags on posts thus identifying great sale potential. 

The payment process from the new check-out update will be possible through a Paypal partnership and users will be processing their data through a very simple form directly from a post. The product to be bought shall be tagged and also available for purchase. All you are required to fill in is an email for processing the order and a payment method. More than 20 different brands, many of which – fashion retailers, are included in the feature update and their products will be available for purchase. For providing the medium for the sale process, Instagram will charge these retailers a fee to turn a profit.

It’s really curious to wait and see what results and customer feedback generated for this update will be. Thank you for reading, expect more Insta news.

But now, go Insta shopping and then come back here to share details and opinion on the experience with me in the comments below!

Source: The Verge, Ink, CNN

- Nicole