Instagram is the social media where I am actually most active and by this I mean almost 24/7: here’s the place for live updates in my Stories about what I’m doing, what is my #ootd, what song I am playing on repeat that weekend and other things. The most interesting I suppose would be the details about each new post that I share through the Stories - like the brands’ names and locations and the whole story behind the photo.


On my Facebook page you can see most of my regular posts but also some interesting polls, news, quotes, thoughts as well as cool posts by other pages that I have decided to share. Here you can also view my Story updates from Instagram whenever you take a look at your Messenger just because they’re automatically reshared from Insta.


Twitter is not very popular in Bulgaria where I am from but he is in the USA and the UK where many of my followers are from because I blog in English. This is the place for my rediculous puns and punny jokes but also for my comments on various trending topics and brand info ( for ZARA, ASOS, Dollskill, Dior, Fenty, Chanel etc.) as well as some great events (MTV Music Awards, The Oscars etc. ) because I’m always following the updates precisely.


Blogpost is a very useful platform that lets you easily follow all topics you are intereted in and keep up with the latest posts from your favorite blogs, influencers and websites. It’s very well organized and enables you to review just in a few minutes what new has been posted and decide what you feel like reading that day.


Lookbook is one of my favorite websites fro fashion inspiration and actually one of the reasons I took up bloggin in the first place. Here people share whole outfit ideas - including all items from the shoes to the smallest accessory detail - a tiara ot a bracelet. All the ideas shared are really unique so here is where you may see some of my boldest and wildest rock’n’roll looks.