The hot weather cannot stop me from rockin' a cool outfit. I found out that a loose top is the perfect desicion for summer days, then I combined it with a black lace bralette for a trendier and chic look. It is an H&M crushed velvet strappy top in rose gold, yes! the colour that is all over the place this summer. I really love it and I actually bought so many rose gold things lately that I'm not sure if I'll even have the time to style and wear them all :D.

Top: H&M  Black Lace Bralette: ASOS  Lipsticks: Essence  Eyeliners: Essence, L'Oréal  Rings: H&M, Forever 21  Notebook: Moleskine

Top: H&M

Black Lace Bralette: ASOS

Lipsticks: Essence

Eyeliners: Essence, L'Oréal

Rings: H&M, Forever 21

Notebook: Moleskine

Soo let's take a closer look at this little arrangement. I added some jewelry because I simply can't go out without jewelry, it kinda has this magical power to make every look ten times better. I also made sure to show you the color of the top up close so I snaped a photo of the fabric.

crushed velvet rose gold top black lace bralette outfit ootd choker necklace jewelry flatlay style fashion arockchicklife
Metallic necklace: H&M  Choker: Dollskill

Metallic necklace: H&M

Choker: Dollskill

Now let's get to the second part. Here you can see some of my fave makeup products right now and the rings I'm wearing basically on a daily basis. So I'm using eyeliners a lot and after years of trying out different products I realized that my favorite are liquid eyeliner pens. They are so easy to use and the aplication takes only a minute, plus that the coverage is great. I hate it so much when you apply your eyeliner and it turns out looking grayish and the coverage is not good, so annoying! But I managed to find products that are really good. I am using two eyeliners depending on what look I aim for and I have an Essence Super Fine Eyeliner Pen for precise thin lines and a L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster Eye Liner for a thick bold cateye.

crushed velvet rose gold top black lace outfit ootd jewelry lipstick rings eyeliner moleskine notebook flatlay style fashion arockchicklife

I couldn't pick which out of those lipsticks to wear because they're all in very similar shades so they're all here. :D These are Essence lipsticks btw, all in nude colours because I'm loving nudes this summer. And right next to them are some of my fave rings that I got from H&M and Forever 21. They're honestly so cute I that can't stop wearing them and they're different size so I can even stack them up.

crushed velvet rose gold top black lace outfit ootd jewelry lipstick rings eyeliner flatlay moleskine notebook style fashion arockchicklife
crushed velvet rose gold top black lace outfit ootd jewelry lipstick rings moleskine notebook flatlay style fashion arockchicklife

Another thing I really wanted to show you is my moleskine because it's with me practically all the time so it's actually part of all my outfits :D. I am a singer and songwriter and make sure to always have somewhere to write down notes and ideas. So this buddy is my best friend and it's full of rockin' lyrics you'll soon hear because I'm already working on my debut album. So stay tuned. ;)


- Nicole


Who doesn’t love a new lipstick?…or 2 or 5 that you don’t really need and already have in similar shades but you adore them so you get them anyway. Yeah but when you’re getting ready in the morning it always feels like “Daaamn which one do I wear today? This one doesn’t match my outfit, and my lips are to chapped for the cute matte one…Ughh!!” Right? Well, I found a way to solve this problem. Turns out that all it takes is just four essensial lipsticks. Of cource you can buy many more but these four will save you whenever you’re in a hurry or busy and will asure you always make the right choice for your lips.

I decided to give you a handy guide to how to pick these four basic lipsticks you need for beauty survival and what ocassions they are suitable for.

P.S. My faves are from Essence but I bet every brand has good alternatives. Also it turns out that some of the shades I have are out of stock right now so I can’t link them, sorry.


#1 Your lips’ best friend.

What is it? A good ol’ nude shade of a moisturising lipstick. Pick a color close to the natural color of your lips and make sure it’s not a matte lipstick because you need it to be nourishing and softening your lips. You can carry it in any bag so it’s at hand 24/7 and the best thing is that you can apply it even without a mirror.

When to wear it? It’s suitable for any ocassion honestly. It’s winter and your lips need moisturising? Great! It’s too hot and a darker color would smudge? Great! It is a good choice when you’re on the go or when you just don’t want to everdo your makeup. It also looks great paired with a smokey eye because it balances the heavy eye makeup.

#2 The Matte Queen one.

What is it? Classic Insta loved trend. I know. I know. No matter if you choose a liquid or traditional lipstick, it's gonna make any look selfie-worhty. It's best to choose a brown or brownish color, 3 or 4 shades darker than your natural lip color so that it really makes your lips pop.

When to wear it? Best for selfies! as I already said and also for going out because let's be honest it gaves that classy cool chick vibe to any outfit. For best results combine with a cat eye.

#3 The Liquid One.

What is it? Glossy and lovely and it smells like your favorite fruit. You can get creative and choose from a variety of lip glosses and moisturising liquid lipsticks. Glitter or no glitter. Colored or clear. Whatever you want! The only rule here is - choose one that makes you feel good and kissable.

When to wear it? ANY FUCKIN' TIME YOU WANT! :) (I bet it's not obvious that I just love lip glosses too much. :D )

#4 The wild color. 

What is it?  Every girl's got one favorite bold bright lipstick color. For Taylor Swift it's red, for Emma Watson it's raspberry. Just choose your fave and you're set. There are some tips and tricks that could help you find the best shades according to your skin color, hair color, eye color etc. I might write an article about this in the future so if you're interested in one let me know in comments below.

When to wear it? Just whenever you feel wild and want to try out something colorful, you feel your outfit is too plain and want to add a splash of color or something like that. Personally, when I wear a bold color I love to match it with my nail polish or some accessory.

That’s it, you’re ready to rock the world now! 💋


- Nicole