My new favorite place to shop - NYXCosmetics

The first ever NYX Cosmetics store in Bulgaria, Sofia opened doors last month and it quickly became one of my favorite places to shop. With great affordable prices and amazing products that I’ve been dreaming of for so long, it sure couldn’t be any better. <3

I couldn’t attend the grand opening of the store since I was at work all day but I made sure to visit it as soon as I could in the weekend. And let me say my visit went very well and took more than an hour haha because I just fell in love with everything and couldn’t stop looking around.

Let’s start with the cool videos playing on the screens inside and outside the store that feature some super talented and Insta famous makeup arists for example my favorite girl Leigh Dickson. Next thing to mention – all the products were so cool and I swear I’ve never seen more shades of makeup ever in my life. Although I still haven’t tried as many as I would like to, I surely will so stay tuned haha.


I bought some very useful and quality products that you’ll see in the photos below. And I also got a contour palette as a present because there was a promo campaign after the opening of the store. I’ve never contoured before because I’m not really into that trend but I occasionally use the highlighters and I like them a lot.


Thank you for reading guys. :) I’d love to hear your opinions on the store so make sure you share them in the comments.

Also do you like NYX in general? What is your favorite NYX product? What other makeup and comsetic brands do you use?


- Nicole



5 last minute Christmas gifts for her

Christmas is almost here! And so is the pressure to find the best presents for the people you love. Becasuse when it comes to the women in your life, this is really important. But what if you were too busy or couldn't find a good present? This post is for all the people who are desperately searching for a good Christmas gift in the last minute, here are some ideas that will save you. I promise she'll like her present. :)

#1 Perfume

It's always a good choice to count on big brands and famous fragrances. If you know what brands the person likes or what scents they prefer it'd be easier. If you don't, you can always choose something new or ask the shop assistant for advice.

Versace, Cerruti, Bulgari, Betty Barclay, Lanvin

Versace, Cerruti, Bulgari, Betty Barclay, Lanvin

#2 Jewelry

Jewelry is a very classy gift and it's almost imporssible to make a mistake here. The best things is you can buy a set and it would be everything an outfit needs.



#3 Clothes

You know waht color she wears all the time so the choice is already easy. On the other hand you could get her a Christmas themed sweater and it'd be cute but still cool.

H&amp;M, Shein

H&M, Shein

#4 Make up

Why not get her some lipsticks or nail polishes in different colors. But even better - search for a set since it'd probably be cheaper.

Golden rose

Golden rose

#5 Sweets

No need to say chocolate makes everything better. Then why not add it to your present?

Lindt, Ferrero Raffaello

Lindt, Ferrero Raffaello


Bonus tricks:

Add a rose

No matter if it's just one rose or a whole bucket, it would always be very sweet to get a woman flowers.

last minute gift gifts for her idea ideas present holiday holidays shop shopping rose roses red rose flower flowers

Wrap it all well and with a bow

The final touch for a good present is thw wrapping. If you're not very good at you better ask in the shop or go to a wrapping place.

last minute gift gifts for her idea ideas present holiday holidays shop shopping wrapping bow

I hope I helped you pick a good present for her. Thank you for reading my article and have a great time celebrating the holidays with your loved ones!


- Nicole



The hot weather cannot stop me from rockin' a cool outfit. I found out that a loose top is the perfect desicion for summer days, then I combined it with a black lace bralette for a trendier and chic look. It is an H&M crushed velvet strappy top in rose gold, yes! the colour that is all over the place this summer. I really love it and I actually bought so many rose gold things lately that I'm not sure if I'll even have the time to style and wear them all :D.

Top: H&amp;M  Black Lace Bralette: ASOS  Lipsticks: Essence  Eyeliners: Essence, L'Oréal  Rings: H&amp;M, Forever 21  Notebook: Moleskine

Top: H&M

Black Lace Bralette: ASOS

Lipsticks: Essence

Eyeliners: Essence, L'Oréal

Rings: H&M, Forever 21

Notebook: Moleskine

Soo let's take a closer look at this little arrangement. I added some jewelry because I simply can't go out without jewelry, it kinda has this magical power to make every look ten times better. I also made sure to show you the color of the top up close so I snaped a photo of the fabric.

crushed velvet rose gold top black lace bralette outfit ootd choker necklace jewelry flatlay style fashion arockchicklife
Metallic necklace: H&amp;M  Choker: Dollskill

Metallic necklace: H&M

Choker: Dollskill

Now let's get to the second part. Here you can see some of my fave makeup products right now and the rings I'm wearing basically on a daily basis. So I'm using eyeliners a lot and after years of trying out different products I realized that my favorite are liquid eyeliner pens. They are so easy to use and the aplication takes only a minute, plus that the coverage is great. I hate it so much when you apply your eyeliner and it turns out looking grayish and the coverage is not good, so annoying! But I managed to find products that are really good. I am using two eyeliners depending on what look I aim for and I have an Essence Super Fine Eyeliner Pen for precise thin lines and a L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster Eye Liner for a thick bold cateye.

crushed velvet rose gold top black lace outfit ootd jewelry lipstick rings eyeliner moleskine notebook flatlay style fashion arockchicklife

I couldn't pick which out of those lipsticks to wear because they're all in very similar shades so they're all here. :D These are Essence lipsticks btw, all in nude colours because I'm loving nudes this summer. And right next to them are some of my fave rings that I got from H&M and Forever 21. They're honestly so cute I that can't stop wearing them and they're different size so I can even stack them up.

crushed velvet rose gold top black lace outfit ootd jewelry lipstick rings eyeliner flatlay moleskine notebook style fashion arockchicklife
crushed velvet rose gold top black lace outfit ootd jewelry lipstick rings moleskine notebook flatlay style fashion arockchicklife

Another thing I really wanted to show you is my moleskine because it's with me practically all the time so it's actually part of all my outfits :D. I am a singer and songwriter and make sure to always have somewhere to write down notes and ideas. So this buddy is my best friend and it's full of rockin' lyrics you'll soon hear because I'm already working on my debut album. So stay tuned. ;)


- Nicole