You loved the Victoria's Secret show this year? Oh, yes you did. And you'd basically sell your soul to get that bra you fell in love with? Don't be ashamed, we are all weak, we are only humans (just like Annie once said in Parent Trap). The show is such big news each year and let's be honest the Fantasy bra is always soooooo beautiful. There are always some looks I totally love and also some looks I'm not really feeling. But I just seem to love one exact thing the most - the black wings. If there is a look rockin' the black wing thing well then it's definitely my fave. They are just so cool and badass. Maleficent vibes, oh yeah!However, this year one of my fave looks happened to be a white fairy one. It's just so delicate I definitely had to include it here too. Въпреки това тази година сред любимите ми се промъкна и една изцяло бяла визия, но е толкова нежна и приказна, че не се сдържах и искам да ви покажа и нея.

So here are my fave looks from this year's show, you can check them out below. How about you? I'd love to know what your fave looks from the 2016 VS show are? Let me know in the comments below. :)

– Nicole