I saw the movie last week and I really couldn't wait to share my thoughts with you. I've loved the animated movie ever since I was 4 and it was a big deal for me when the news spread that an action movie was in the works. So now that it's playing in movie theatres I was one of the first to see it and I was very very excited. Armed with my fave nacho cheese and great expectations I was ready to watch the movie. And I made sure to document my journey for the blog haha. I also added the trailer in this post in case you haven't seen it or if you just enjoy watching it over and over again (like me) :)



First of all, I loved the movie. The effects, the cinematography and how almost all of the scenes looked exactly the way they did in the 1991 version. Ah-mazing!

Second thing,  the ball room was everything one could ever dream of and even more haha. <3

Third thing, I gotta say I miss the animated beast's teeth because they were part of his signature look. They looked a little bit different in the live action movie but anyway. It was a great movie and I'd watch it a thousand times again just as I did with the animated one when I was a kid.

Did you see the movie? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so make sure to share them in the comments below. :)



- Nicole