Happy 1st birthday to AROCKCHICKLIFE.COM <3

On 20th of July was my blog's 1st birthday and I wanted to celebrate well. :) I reviewed all my blog posts, social media posts, reavaluated everything and made some plans for the future of my little space of Internet.

I also wanted to share my celebration with everyone around so I bought chocolates for my family, friends and colleagues, I dedicated a whole weekend to blog themed partying, I had a shopping spree (which I'll write a new blog post about very soon haha) and also wrote this article for you.

I'd love to mark my 1st year of blogging by sharing some facts about me and my life with you. And because the theme is 1 I will be sharing my 1 favorite thing in different categories.


1 favorite quote of mine: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" - Mary Oliver. It's all up to us to do great things and to make our dreams come true. We should just be more focused and more brave. <3

1 favorite fashion decade of mine: the 50s. Have you seen Grease? Because if you have, you don't need no explaination :D Good Sandy, bad Sandy - both rocking amazing outifts. Everyone is stylish, everyone is following trends and you can mix chic with rock'n'roll which I love. 

1 favorite color of mine: Pink. I loved it as a kid, then I stopped, then started again in high school, then forgot about it again until millenial pink happened :D and now I'm in love with it again.

1 favorite fruit of mine: Apple. I think that's my all time favorite fruit since like forever, especially green apples.

1 favorite music album of mine: Definitely Maybe by Oasis. I love music, I listen to music all the time and I have looots of fave songs and albums. But this was the first time I learned a whole album by heart in like a day and the first time I was really influenced by an album creatively and it really is a big thing for me.

1 favorite song of mine: Heros by David Bowie. This tune is just amazing. You can play it on repeat for hours, for years and it won't get old. It's pure perfection.

1 favorite clothing item of mine: Dress. It's easy to style and could look both formal and super casual. I think this is the clothing item that gives you widest range of options for styling it and if you find the perfect black dress I swear coming up with outfits get's five times easier

1 favorite accessory of mine: A clutch. I'm not going anywhere without a pocket journal and lipstick so I value bags a lot. But let's be honest - the cutest bags of all are clutches, especially when in bright colors or cool prints.

1 favorite makeup product of mine: Lipstick. The most esential makeup product for me is lipstick. It gives you a great choice of colors and outlines the best feature of a person - their smile.

1 favorite fashion designer of mine: Ellie Saab. I have lot's of favorite designers and it was very hard for me to choose only one but her beautiful and almost magical collections are amongst the greatest things I've ever seen. Wearing a piece of art must be an incredible experience.

Tha's it for now guys! :) Hope you enjoyed this blog post, thank you for reading and supporting me throughout tis 1st year of blogging. See you ahead on this amazing journey and keep on chasing your dreams!


- Nicole

Easy last minute Halloween costume ideas

Not all Halloween parties call for a super expensive and impressive "I'm a special effects specialist who invested a hundred dollars in my costume" kinda look. Sometimes it's just a home party or a squad hang out and you want to come up with a pretty cool costume idea that is also both easy and cheap. And here comes this post to help you out on your important mission.

Below are 4 simple last minute Halloween costume ideas that you already have in your closet. All you need for a great look is to creatively combine some clothes and add some makeup.


A trendy and simple take on the classical favorite would feature any black badass outfit. If you have something even slightly vintage looking that's a win but just a little black dress would also do the job. To finish the look add some makeup - smokey or cat eye, red lipstick, some fake blood and fangs and you're ready to party!

Rings: H&amp;M  Liquid lipstick: Essence  Eyeliner: Maybelline

Rings: H&M

Liquid lipstick: Essence

Eyeliner: Maybelline

Minnie Mouse

I made this cute headband a couple years ago inspired by the ones they sale at Disneyland. It was a fun diy project, I really love how it turned out and I'm happy to wear at any given chance. I paired it with an outfit in red and black but it'd look even better with a polka dot top or dress.

Leather skirt: Terranova style  Nail polish: golden Rose  Lip pens: H&amp;M  Eyeliner: Maybelline

Leather skirt: Terranova style

Nail polish: golden Rose

Lip pens: H&M

Eyeliner: Maybelline

Party at Gatsby's

Seriously everybody's favorite since the 2013 movie. I can't count how many people I've seen dressed in a 20s inspired outfit for Halloween or some themed party. And the fact that this cool look is so easy to pull off and affordable makes things even better. Any lace, sequined or fringe dress or a dress + top combo works and you can get creative with accessories.

Lace dress: Shein  Seqined top: Terranova style

Lace dress: Shein

Seqined top: Terranova style

Wednesday Addams

When we talk Halloween and spooky stuff Wednesday is one of the first characters that pop up in my mind. I love this outfit because it's super easy to recreate and at the same time you know everyone will recognize the character in like 2 seconds because it's a cult movie we've all seen many many times. And let me tell you the red nail polish + black lips combo is a dream come true for everyone who loves make up so have fun with it.

Skirt and blouse: H&amp;M  Nail polish: Golden Rose  Lipstcik: Essence  Eyeshadow: Bourjois

Skirt and blouse: H&M

Nail polish: Golden Rose

Lipstcik: Essence

Eyeshadow: Bourjois

Thank you for reading and I hope my ideas will help you look great this Halloween. Make sure to tell me if you used them as inspiration, what you dressed up as and how you spend Halloween in the comments below!


- Nicole