5 reasons why we all need to travel more


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5 reasons to travel more


We often look at travelling and vacations only as a fun time we have once or twice or if we’re lucky - a couple of times a year. But it is actually a lot more than just some time off that you spend doing basically nothing but having fun.


Here are some photos from a vacation in Greece that took me to amazingly beautiful places and made me become more aware, appreciating and open to new experiences. I knew it’s always so with travels but yet I was very surprised to find out how much a trip can really change me and so I realized that many of us often underestimate the power of traveling. So let me take you through my 5 reasons why we all need to travel more and what I think makes travelling so important in our lifes.

  1. The more the better & little by little

    First of all, I think the “once or twice a year is okay” approach to travelling is most of the time wrong. A vacation should not be a one off event you are impatiantly waiting for. It should rather be a small reoccuring event that takes place each time you have a weekend to spare or even a day. This way traveling will give you the chance to more often get this nice feeling of being refreshed and clear minded as well as to develop the view that fun can happen anytime and so we should always be open to new adventures.

  2. Clearer view on life

    Traveling is an opportunity to get a more distant and better view on your lfe and priorities. Having moe spare time, enjoying the sunsets etc. is a good chance for you to forget for a while about all the stress and pressure and finally think as clearly as you are actually able to when no circumstances are troubling you. So that’s the best time for big decisions and developing new ideas since you’re at a 100% capacity you now.

  3. Productivity and ideas

    The freedom that being away from home and most of the people you know gives you is also important. You get a feeling of being a lot more capable and stronger. You’re a lot more likely to believe in your plans and big dreams if you distance yourself from daily duties and habits - not for any other reason but because you have 24 hours to do what you want and you actually realize how much you manage to accomplish within a day.

  4. Happy times

    Travelling is great for bonding and rebonding with your closest people. Being too busy and having too many thing to do often stops us from spending enough quality time with the most important people in our lifes. When travelling you can talk, walk and discover new places together, try some new weird sport or dish and you will surely laugh together and discuss random fun things that probably never even occur to you in daily life. And that’s a really nice experience!

  5. Broaden your horizons

    And last but not least, travelling is a way to broaden your horizons and get to know other cultures and lifestyles. This will enrich you and show you how different other people’s habits and traditions are, how many of these new things you are curious about and how much you can learn through travelling. And this will make you want even more and more trips, more new stories and more new places!


Thanks for reading, I hope I managed to inspire you to travel and enjoy little adventures more. :) I’d expect to hear in the comments about how much fun you had.

- Nicole


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shore rocks sea travel vacation blue sky bag essentials blog
Black top & Denim Shorts: HM  Sandals: Megias  Rings: Orsay

Black top & Denim Shorts: HM

Sandals: Megias

Rings: Orsay

It's officially vacation season! Your feeds and stories are full of photos from Mykonos and Ibiza (as Marianna mentioned yesterday). So it's the best time for rocking a super comfy little super Instagrammable bag right?

Well I recently went on vacation and I survived the whole trip carrying around with me just a little crossbody. Honestly a dream come true since the hot weather and my wild hair are not really friends of bags and their handles. But it's pretty hard to get used to such a small bag at first. You're a little bit uncomortable not being able to put whatever you used to having with you all the time in it. And you always end up needing something you left home. :/

So I decided to give you some advice on how to fit everything you need in a small bag. Here is my list of bag essentials + tips and tricks:

#1. Of course you're gonna take your documents and some money. And the keys or card for the hotel/place you are staying. This is like a rule, nobody forgets that I think. So it comes first.

#2. This already leaves you with your bag half-full tho. :D But second thing is your phone. We use our phones for so many things nowadays it's basically like carrying a magic wand in your bag.

#3. You'd like to have a pocket mirror. You WILL want to know if your make up smudges because off the hot weather or if you have something in your teeth because you just tried some new food because you're on vacation. There are many cute designs so the options are basically endless, go ahead and have fun picking yours. I have a fave and I carry it with me all the time buuuuut that didn't stop me from seeing some really cute ones at Orsay the other day and I guess I'm getting one next time I visit the shop haha.

#4. You only have about an inch of space left. You can take whatever you want that fits here. :D I personally choose to take a lipstick or lipgloss. I have a friend who takes a small pocket perfume. Everybody's choice is diferent but you gotta pick a really small thing.

'What about everything else?? I want to take so many other things!' I know, I know. But i you want to only wear a small bag you gotta give up on some of the things you are used to carrying in your cute big backpack or lovely big crossbody bag. You have the essentials, you can survive! :D You can put your sunglasses in your hair if you take them off not in your sunglasses case in your bag, and yes, you're gonna regret this whole thing if it starts raining. But hey, you are on vacation, don't overthink, just have some fun. Oh, and small bags look so cute in photos. ;)


- Nicole