25 things I learned by 25

I turned 25 last month and came up with the idea to write an article about some things I have learned about life so far.

1. People will always judge, just ignore them. When you are happy they will be like “why the hell are you so happy?” and when you are sad they will be like “but why are you so sad?” so just ignore it and live your life, it’s about you, not them. :)


words of wisdom

one of my favorite quotes ever actually

2. Life is too short to waste even a second of it by not living it to the fullest or not being present. Day dreaming might feel nice and sweet, but that’s not why you’re here. You’re here to be and feel and act it all out and make your dreams come true.

3. The more you manage to devour when it comes to artthe better. Take the time to watch movies, read book, see paintings, even learn some history of art. You cannot imagine how it will change your perspective on things.

4. Any time something is not going good or you don’t feel yourself – play a happy song, that’s the secret.

5. Do not wait to make someone happy or make them smile and do not stop yourself EVER from telling or showing people how much they mean to you. I have burned myself from it and it’s plain stupid. If you have done it, go make it up now – call, text, whatever - but don’t let it stay a regret.

6. Social media is what you make it in your life. Yes, it’s trendy and it is quite addictive but it should not be something you obsess about. For me it is a chance to connect and share like I just couldn’t do it any other way because I just cannot manage to say all the things I want to all the people I want to. But it should stay fun and you shouldn’t ever let it turn to something not fun or into a way of maintaining some fake image for others to see. It’s your post-it wall where you speak your truth, use it this way – share what matters to you, encourage and inspire others to do the same.

7. Your efforts will always be payed off so always do your best and put your whole heart into everything you do. People see it and appreciate it, no matter if you see it immediately or not, it is so.

8. Be as supportive, understanding and non-judgmental as you can possibly be. Make it a priority in your life to be and you will see how more open-minded and kinder you become and how much more connected to everyone around you are.

9. "Your homework is to listen to some real music. Get inspired." (+ if you don’t know where this quote is from - go back to 3.) Nothing is too retro, too oldschool, too classic. Hear all genres, hear all the legendary musicians and composers. It’s no wonder they’re the best, hear some real good and epic songs. Have you read that listening to Mozart makes you work times better and makes your plants feel way better? Cause it does.

10. Learn form the best. As we speak of quotes – read quotes and watch interviews and hear what people with more experience and very different lives from yours have to say. You will be surprised what people go through to make their lifes better and their dreams come true.

11. Appreciate nature, the sunrise, the sunset, the waves, the flowers and the animals. Every chance you have – go out and meet the world.

12. It is never too late to change careers or your whole lifestyle. I have seen so many people who are not happy with their lives but yet feel and think it would be too much of pressure or effort or almost impossible to change. And I am always the one to demand they should try and don’t just go with the flow. Everything looks scary and hard unless you try and start. But if it would make you happier, it’s all worth it.

13. Take photos. Not because it’s a trend or because we all have smartphone with super giga hyper good cameras. Not for social media. For you. Take time to appreciate some really beautiful moments and re-watch later. Five years from now it will be lots of fun to see the funny look your dog gave you or the ruined pancakes you made with your friends. Believe me, it will be a great thing to look back to and a reminiscence of a nice memory.

14. You will sometimes feel bored and tired, don’t worry about it. Take some rest, take a break, take a nap, have a bath, go for a walk. We sometimes need to recharge. We as humans were not made and meant for such a busy life. Have your thought about how the same mind and body that people had in the Reinessanse is what we also have now– and we make them face our ambitious crazy schedules and the 24/7 information flow, no wonder they sometimes feel exhausted and stressed out.

15. It’s okay. And it will be okay. Eventually. I like this photo of the universe because it really says it all.

16. Sometimes buying that thing you want so much is actually a good thing. It’s not materialism, it is self apprecion and making a dream come true. It you are saving up for that amazing camera, or sneakers that will make you feel like Jordan, or starting a new business or dancing lessons etc. maybe it’s just you making an effort to give yourself a new beginning or a chance to be better and happier. And it’s not a bad thing.

17. Enjoy and appreciate people who enjoy themselves, be kind to them, you can support and get inspired form each other.

18. Reading is a truly magic thing and honestly it took me quite a while to really appreciate it and find my favorite genres but oh, dear, it is magic. Just saying. There is no book that is not worth your time and will not broaden your horizons, really. One of my favorite books is from 900 AD and another is a students book - who cares, they’re magic!

19. There is nothing better that to stay a bit childish so I totally understand you if you sometimes watch the cartoon while babysitting your little cousin :D or if you just decide to watch Tom and Jerry one day or if you like those adult coloring books or if you are really into comics or cospay and I know that’s not even a child thing but some people call it so. I got you! Anyway look 1.

20. Pretending to be or think anything just to make people happy is stupid and useless and it will not take anyone far so don’t even consider this. I’ve seen people struggle with this and I have sometimes even wondered for a minute “wait, should I do it?”' - NO!, “will it make anything easier?” NO! and then I immediately regretted this thought and had the “are you crazy?” self talk with myself. Being you is your biggest power! That’s what I like about you the most, this is wat you should like about you the most.

21. Moms are important. Call your mom, text your mom, give her flowers. Moms are important.

22. Don’t ever let anything scary or hard make you feel inferior and always choose the right way for you even if it is the hard way. Years later you will thank yourself.

23. If you there is something you don’t like about your life or yourself, it is more than easy to deal with this and make a change. Don’t let it bother you or stop you from doing or achieving whatever you want to. Nowadays we have all kinds of resources to learn more, acquire new skills, travel to whenever, take up lessons etc. Start it now! Nothing is impossible, just think about what your life was like two years ago and you will realize that all kinds of changes happen and things we could never imagine have already happened to us. Remind yourself of this each time a dream of yours seems too big to come true.

24. I wrote such a post for my 23rd birthday and I remember how insightful I felt back then :D Now when I re-read it, I come up with so many things I would add so I decided to write this new post. It’s because we constantly grow and change. Especially if you are like me and the drive to do so is a great part of your life. When you are constantly changing, it might feel weird when you look back and see the discrepancies but remember it is actually an amazing thing that you’re getting better, wiser and happier.

25. Don’t skip bday parties, tgif parties or any other opportunity to have fun. Dress up for Halloween and wear a Christmas hat on Christmas, make and eat cake on your bday etc. - we don’t have that many celebrations in our lifetime to let ourselves skip on any! Its all about making the best of everything. For example writing a bday post and sharing it weeks later. :D


Thank you for reading!

Hope you ound something interesting and useful in this article

And thank you for spending another year following my blog and my story. Believe me, more is to come and it will be getting better and more interesting. See ya! ♡

- Nicole

DIY inspo home decoration

Hello guys! <3 Today I'll tell you about some cute home decor ideas that I've been planning for quite a while (as you probably know from my Instagram haha - @arockchicklife) and I'm very happy to finally show you. Let's start with the fact that I really love inspirational and motivational quotes because they all tell a stories that we can learn a lot from. So everytime I stumble upon a cool new quote I usually save it on my computer or to a Pinterest board but I forget about these precious quotes soon enough and I don't reread them often. I wanted to change that and to make sure I don't forget about the lessons they taught me.

So I came up with the idea that I should try to use them as home decoration. The process included me trying to come up with a cool idea, choosing which fave fave inspo quotes I want to use and then printing them out.

diy art quote quotes photo collage deco decor decoration inspo inspiration arockchicklife
diy art quote quotes photo collage deco decor decoration marble inspo inspiration arockchicklife
diy art quote quotes photo collage deco decor decoration marble rose roses inspo inspiration arockchicklife

The option that worked best for me after trying out some ideas was to arrange the pictures on one of the doors of my wood closet. The contrast between the pictures and the wood is great and also my closet is kinda in the center of the room so I check the quotes out pretty often and stay inspired all the time.

diy art workspace quote quotes photo collage deco decor decoration inspiration jewelry accessories arockchicklife
Necklaces: H&amp;M, Dollskill, Amazon  Printed Pictures: Tumblr &amp; Pinterest

Necklaces: H&M, Dollskill, Amazon

Printed Pictures: Tumblr & Pinterest

Then I realized that one idea was not enough for me :D There were so many other things I came up with and I ran out of quotes before I could try them out. So I printed out more pictures and tried more ideas.

Here are 2 of the best ones, hope you like them. :)


#1 Cool workspace deco

Your workspace at home is probably the best places for inspo quotes and cute pictures. You spend lots of time there and you really need inspiration when you're working on something. If you have a pinboard or a wall grid you could arrange some pictures together with your notes, to do lists etc. If you don't, just use the wall and glue or hang some beautiful pictures . You will stay inspired and also have a super Instagrammable workspace. ;)

Perfumes: Versace, Nine West  Watch: Marc Jacobs  Laptop: Dell  Rings: H&amp;M  Notebooks: Moleksine  Earring set: Tally Weijl  Nail polish: Golden Rose  Printed Pictures: Tumblr &amp; Pinterest

Perfumes: Versace, Nine West

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Laptop: Dell

Rings: H&M

Notebooks: Moleksine

Earring set: Tally Weijl

Nail polish: Golden Rose

Printed Pictures: Tumblr & Pinterest

#2 Your own wall deco

I have always been a fan of the idea of art wall pieces where you can create different shapes with photos. It's cute and makes the whole room light up. Plus that you can arrange them any way you want so you have lots of options and can get creative. For example you could pick a color theme and create some shape as I did here or try to create a color effect using photos in different shades of the same color or literally anything else you want.

diy art heart photo collage wall deco decor decoration inspo inspiration arockchicklife
diy art heart photo collage wall deco decor decoration inspo inspiration arockchicklife
Printed Pictures: Tumblr &amp; Pinterest, all rights to their respective owners  Brands I see included are Starbucks, Cadillac, Valfre

Printed Pictures: Tumblr & Pinterest, all rights to their respective owners

Brands I see included are Starbucks, Cadillac, Valfre

Thank you guys for reading and make sure you tell me if you try out any of these ideas. They were pretty easy and lots of fun so I highly recommend them.

What home deco DIYs have YOU tried lately?


- Nicole