Last minute Christmas gift idea - for him, for her, for friends/family

Hello everyone, ready for the holidays? Are the lights everywhere? Does the house already smell like cinnamon? Have you started the “Home Alone” marathon? :D

Nail polish:  Catrice Cosmetics  &  Golden Rose cosmetics   Christmas themed phone case:  HM   Candle Holder:  Royal Coppenhagen

Nail polish: Catrice Cosmetics & Golden Rose cosmetics

Christmas themed phone case: HM

Candle Holder: Royal Coppenhagen

1. Dreams do come true

...especially if you help them do. That's my favorite kind of gift to give, it's always unique and easy to come up with and it's guaranteed to never fail. Perfect, I told you. But it's only suitable for certain people that have decided to tell you some even small dream of theirs. The thing is you must have at least one friend/relative that has always wanted to visit France for example, or get a dog, or go diving etc. They have shared this dream but never actually found the time, courage or money to make it come true. So now it's your turn to do it. They will surely be happy and excited and you'll be part of a great memory in their life.


2. Ticket to ride

One of the things we find it hardest to pay for is actually experiences. Yes, they’re great and memorable but since we cannot see and touch them, we feel a little bit like paying too much for something imaginary. Sooo what I suggest is to get a ticket as a present – no matter if it is plane tickets for a trip, a SPA giftcard, a concert or theme park ticket – these are all really interesting ideas.


3. Homemade is best

This only works for you if you indeed have some special gift or craft talent but it’s a really cool idea. Maybe you’re good at drawing, creating scrapbooks, singing or anything else. Then put some effort into creating a custom made personal present - draw a card or painting or write someon a song. It sound simple but in many cases these are the presents we value most since they are most personal and shwo us how much people care. After all, remember that Christmas is all about caring and loving the people around you, not just buying stuff.

4. Sweets & giftcards

I know it may sound funny but I have had a chance to try out this approach multiple times and it worked so freaking well each time. You know that for some people no present is really good, they don’t like surprises and you never feel like they really liked the present you gave them. Then what do ypu get them? How do you make them smile? Luckily, one universal thing we all enjoy throughout the holidays is good food and treats. So my never-fail idea for a present is a generic giftcard accompanied with lots of cool treats. The giftcard is a delicate way to tell someone both I don’t know what to get you and I want you to have something nice as a present from me. And I think that the best thing to combine with it is some sweet treats or of course vegan sweet treats. You always know your close people’s love food brands are and it’s easy to choose their faves. Of course you could also choose some high end brand (e.g. botique chocolate brand) and add a more classy touch to it.

Thank you for reading, I hope I helped you out in the big search for presents!

Happy holidays! <3

- Nicole