Last minute Christmas gift idea - for him, for her, for friends/family

Hello everyone, ready for the holidays? Are the lights everywhere? Does the house already smell like cinnamon? Have you started the “Home Alone” marathon? :D

Nail polish:  Catrice Cosmetics  &  Golden Rose cosmetics   Christmas themed phone case:  HM   Candle Holder:  Royal Coppenhagen

Nail polish: Catrice Cosmetics & Golden Rose cosmetics

Christmas themed phone case: HM

Candle Holder: Royal Coppenhagen

1. Dreams do come true

...especially if you help them do. That's my favorite kind of gift to give, it's always unique and easy to come up with and it's guaranteed to never fail. Perfect, I told you. But it's only suitable for certain people that have decided to tell you some even small dream of theirs. The thing is you must have at least one friend/relative that has always wanted to visit France for example, or get a dog, or go diving etc. They have shared this dream but never actually found the time, courage or money to make it come true. So now it's your turn to do it. They will surely be happy and excited and you'll be part of a great memory in their life.


2. Ticket to ride

One of the things we find it hardest to pay for is actually experiences. Yes, they’re great and memorable but since we cannot see and touch them, we feel a little bit like paying too much for something imaginary. Sooo what I suggest is to get a ticket as a present – no matter if it is plane tickets for a trip, a SPA giftcard, a concert or theme park ticket – these are all really interesting ideas.


3. Homemade is best

This only works for you if you indeed have some special gift or craft talent but it’s a really cool idea. Maybe you’re good at drawing, creating scrapbooks, singing or anything else. Then put some effort into creating a custom made personal present - draw a card or painting or write someon a song. It sound simple but in many cases these are the presents we value most since they are most personal and shwo us how much people care. After all, remember that Christmas is all about caring and loving the people around you, not just buying stuff.

4. Sweets & giftcards

I know it may sound funny but I have had a chance to try out this approach multiple times and it worked so freaking well each time. You know that for some people no present is really good, they don’t like surprises and you never feel like they really liked the present you gave them. Then what do ypu get them? How do you make them smile? Luckily, one universal thing we all enjoy throughout the holidays is good food and treats. So my never-fail idea for a present is a generic giftcard accompanied with lots of cool treats. The giftcard is a delicate way to tell someone both I don’t know what to get you and I want you to have something nice as a present from me. And I think that the best thing to combine with it is some sweet treats or of course vegan sweet treats. You always know your close people’s love food brands are and it’s easy to choose their faves. Of course you could also choose some high end brand (e.g. botique chocolate brand) and add a more classy touch to it.

Thank you for reading, I hope I helped you out in the big search for presents!

Happy holidays! <3

- Nicole

Let's talk about sex, baby... and why girl power matters.

Just a word or two from me about the positive changes in society. ♀ ♡

So let's talk about sex, one of the sexes in specific. Women.

I don't know if you know but we are currently making history. We are living in a time when we're witnessing an almost never seen before wave of empowerment and women supporting women. Which is INCREDIBLE and I just feel so lucky to have a chance to witness it. And what's even better - to contribute to it. Because YASSS sis, you rule, you rock, you can do it, you're strong, you're pretty, you're smart!

Since the dawn of time we've been seeing and experiencing the classic - women tear down women. In any way: in movies, in songs, at school, at work, in life, everywhere - and it's been awful.

sophia loren jayne mansfield mean side eye hollywood classic
hannah montana quote mean miley cyrus selena gomez
mean girls regina quote movie
the princess diaries mean quote movie
taylor swift quote girls empowerment support

But why the damn hell? Why have we chosen to show this? To do this? Why did we as a society ever even create this trend? Since it's just crap!? It has been a major deviation from good and meaningful existance. Thank God we finally found our way out. Through honest pure friendship and support!

heidi klum girl pwer quote
nicole kidman women power golden globes award awards quote speech

So I dare you: call, shout, whisper, text something supportive to another woman! Now! 3,2,1.. progress! <3


- Nicole

Why we should stop being "busy" ♥

Do you know what it is? This a sunrise you miss out while being too "busy"preparing for work, eating breakfast, scrolling through your social media.

Do you know what it is? It can be anything. That one thing you regret missing out. Come on, there's at least one that comes to mind immediately.

Think about all the things you are missing out because you're too busy doing something else which is pretty often more or less meaningless. We've all been kinda stuck in this Fight Club quote lately "We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like."

We have started talking about being busy as if it's something great. We have started showing off with not having enough time for something. And we pride ourselves in this, which is the worst. We feel important and valuable, we feel needed here and there, we feel that our lives are full of things. And at the same time we're also kinda honestly sorry that we skip parties, don't call our friends as often as we want to and we don't have "me" time.

You, me, all of us. I'm glad to have finally saw it, and I'm decided to finally fix it.

Because why the hell do we do it? We do it. It's all on us. If there's someone who can change it, it's us. Stop filling up your to do list, tell your friends you miss them, meet them, now, skip a task to go out for a walk, leave your phone at home, wake up earler and have our cup of coffee while watching the sunrise, walk barefoot in the park, watch an oldtime movie. ♥

- Nicole

Midnight confessions of a secret rockstar ★

Midnight confessions of a secret rockstar, well not so secret anymore  o b v i o u s l y. :D :)

I've been wantin' to do this for a while now. I've been waiting for this moment for so long. I wanted to show you my passion, what's drivin' me, what makes me loose myself and then find myself again. But I never knew what it really was. I still don't know what's driving me but it's still there and it's still driving me. So I'm going where it takes me."

I've been writing songs for over 9 years now. I've been telling stories about life, feelings, inspirations and wonders. And I've been finding more of myself with each song, I've been becoming more open, more me, happier and truer. But I rarely even told that to anyone. I rarely sang my songs to them. But the point was always sharing, it was always expressing yourself and sharing those songs everyone feeling or thinking the same, or very different. So I think it's about time I did it right, not only because I enjoy it and want to do it, but to do it right. So now you know my secret. Nice to meet you, me.

A wise man once said "I don't know where I'm going from here but I promise it won't be boring." - David Bowie.

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rock n roll rockstar metal leather lace badass alternative ootd flatlay flatlays outfit outfits fashion style girl

P.S. Today 10.01.18. marks two years without this amazing artist and a great inspiration of mine. RIP Bowie, thank you for everything.

david bowie quote quotes boring lyrics song songs songwriting songwriter printed word words

Thank you for taking part in my story by reading this. See you along my journey further. Keep rockin'! :)

- Nicole

5 last minute Christmas gifts for her

Christmas is almost here! And so is the pressure to find the best presents for the people you love. Becasuse when it comes to the women in your life, this is really important. But what if you were too busy or couldn't find a good present? This post is for all the people who are desperately searching for a good Christmas gift in the last minute, here are some ideas that will save you. I promise she'll like her present. :)

#1 Perfume

It's always a good choice to count on big brands and famous fragrances. If you know what brands the person likes or what scents they prefer it'd be easier. If you don't, you can always choose something new or ask the shop assistant for advice.

Versace, Cerruti, Bulgari, Betty Barclay, Lanvin

Versace, Cerruti, Bulgari, Betty Barclay, Lanvin

#2 Jewelry

Jewelry is a very classy gift and it's almost imporssible to make a mistake here. The best things is you can buy a set and it would be everything an outfit needs.



#3 Clothes

You know waht color she wears all the time so the choice is already easy. On the other hand you could get her a Christmas themed sweater and it'd be cute but still cool.

H&amp;M, Shein

H&M, Shein

#4 Make up

Why not get her some lipsticks or nail polishes in different colors. But even better - search for a set since it'd probably be cheaper.

Golden rose

Golden rose

#5 Sweets

No need to say chocolate makes everything better. Then why not add it to your present?

Lindt, Ferrero Raffaello

Lindt, Ferrero Raffaello


Bonus tricks:

Add a rose

No matter if it's just one rose or a whole bucket, it would always be very sweet to get a woman flowers.

last minute gift gifts for her idea ideas present holiday holidays shop shopping rose roses red rose flower flowers

Wrap it all well and with a bow

The final touch for a good present is thw wrapping. If you're not very good at you better ask in the shop or go to a wrapping place.

last minute gift gifts for her idea ideas present holiday holidays shop shopping wrapping bow

I hope I helped you pick a good present for her. Thank you for reading my article and have a great time celebrating the holidays with your loved ones!


- Nicole



birthday present presents gift gifts bday girl blog blogger balloon balloons 23rd birthday fashion style clothes
birthday present presents gift gifts bday girl blog blogger blonde hair hairstyle beachwaves 23rd birthdayfashion style clothes
birthday present presents gift gifts bday girl balloon balloons blog blogger blonde hair hairstyle beachwaves 23rd birthday fashion style clothes
birthday present presents balloon balloons bday girl blog blogger blonde hair hairstyle beachwaves 23rd birthday fashion style clothes
birthday present presents gift gifts bday blog blogger  23rd birthday fashion style clothes

Hello guys! So I recently celebrated my 23th birthday and I took some time to reflect on the past years. I happen to be a little bit of a thinker so I thought a lot about how I have changed throughout the years and how far I've come in terms of following my dreams and being happy to just be me.

And here are the 23 things I have learned in my life so far. Hope it will be interesting for you to read these and that they will inspire you or teach you something. Enjoy!


#1 Smile. Always smile. It makes everything better.

#2 This quote by Dr. Seuss — 'Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.' is just so true.

#3 Whenever you're sad or confused just look at this. This is happiness:

#4 'It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.' !

#5 Kindness is the best gift you can give to anyone. Spread it freely.

#6 Life is too short to not do what you want or not chase your dreams. Any minute you waste is a wasted chance to be happier.

#7 The best moments in your live will probably not be in photos because you'll be too busy having fun.

#8 If you're lucky enough to find a true friend, cherish that person/those people and never let them go, they're your treasure.

#9 The sooner you stop caring about pleasing people, the better.

#10 A good laugh and a hug can heal anything and instantly make you feel better.

#11 You are never too old for cartoons, jumping around when you're happy and openly talking about even the smallest things that excite you and you genuinely care about.

#12 You don't need to be perfect to be happy, look at all the people you love with all your heart and how their imprefections don't matter to you.

#13 It's totally fine if your brain is '99% quotes and lyrics'. You're probably a great and fun person to talk to.

#14 Things are not always what you expect them to be. So this is a list of only 14 things, not 23 although I said so. Life often surprises you and you should always expect the unexpected. Hopefully it'll be a good surprise.

So thank you for reading. :) I hope you found something you liked and will remember. Now I wanna hear your favorite quotes and inspiring statements in the comments below! :)


- Nicole


I saw the movie last week and I really couldn't wait to share my thoughts with you. I've loved the animated movie ever since I was 4 and it was a big deal for me when the news spread that an action movie was in the works. So now that it's playing in movie theatres I was one of the first to see it and I was very very excited. Armed with my fave nacho cheese and great expectations I was ready to watch the movie. And I made sure to document my journey for the blog haha. I also added the trailer in this post in case you haven't seen it or if you just enjoy watching it over and over again (like me) :)



First of all, I loved the movie. The effects, the cinematography and how almost all of the scenes looked exactly the way they did in the 1991 version. Ah-mazing!

Second thing,  the ball room was everything one could ever dream of and even more haha. <3

Third thing, I gotta say I miss the animated beast's teeth because they were part of his signature look. They looked a little bit different in the live action movie but anyway. It was a great movie and I'd watch it a thousand times again just as I did with the animated one when I was a kid.

Did you see the movie? I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions so make sure to share them in the comments below. :)



- Nicole